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Got 5 vehicles or more? Then you're on your way to cheaper insurance

If you have five or more vehicles that need a fleet insurance policy, then look no further than Staveley Head for your cover. Whether you're operating several HGVs or just small private cars, this combination policy can be tailored to your needs to ensure that your business will be constantly moving and delivering real results, whatever happens.

Individually insuring a larger fleet is not only expensive, but you can also miss out on a number of benefits, such as any-driver policies and low policy excesses. You can also get access to courtesy cars if one of yours needs to be fixed, while this cover can extend to the continent and beyond. Other good reasons to switch your cover to Staveley Head today include:

We can also provide fleet insurance cover for drivers aged as young as 17, though it is always worth remembering that all motor insurance policies push premiums higher where cover is needed for drivers aged under 25.

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Your fleet insurance questions answered

[+] How many vehicles do I need to qualify for fleet insurance?

To qualify for a fleet insurance policy there must be a minimum of 5 vehicles, but there is no upper limit.

[+] What type of vehicles can I include under a fleet insurance policy?

We can provide cover for all types of vehicle, from private cars to HGVs and plant.

[+] Can I cover young drivers?

We can provide fleet insurance cover for drivers aged 17 and over.

Bear in mind though, as with all motor insurance policies, premiums will be significantly higher where cover is required for drivers aged under 25.

[+] I have a self-drive hire business - can I still get insurance?

Due to an increasing number of fraudulent claims suffered by self-drive hire operators, we are not currently able to provide fleet insurance cover for this type of business.

[+] Do you offer family insurance policies?

As a commercial motor insurance specialist, we can only provide fleet insurance for businesses and do not offer family fleet policies.

[+] Who do the vehicles have to be registered to under a fleet insurance policy?

The vehicles must be registered to the company proprietor or, in the case of a limited company, to the company itself.