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Your customers' goods keep you in business

It's simple: if you're a courier, mobile services provider or simply a company delivering its own goods to customers around the country and beyond, goods-in-transit insurance is extremely important - their custom keeps you in business, so not having protection for the items you carry could leave you with big losses if there are any accidents along the way.

Staveley Head's team of transport specialists know that you need these assets covered, so with a made-to-measure goods-in-transit insurance policy for your company, you can move forward with confidence knowing that everyone is satisfied with your services and your income is still flowing.

There are plenty of other great reasons to work with Staveley Head to get a new policy of insurance, including:

Be sure to research your requirements first so you don't under- or over-insure. Issues to consider include the value of goods carried, the need for overnight cover, the need for a policy to protect against delayed delivery or deterioration of stock, and any haulage commitments you may have with customers overseas.