Top Ten Cheapest

World Petrol Prices

With petrol prices at an all-time high, this infographic spills the beans on why the UK consistently finds itself amongst the highest petrol prices in the world, and how other countries compare.

Infographic showing facts and figures about the price of petrol across the world
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<img src="" alt="Infographic showing facts and figures about the price of petrol across the world" /><p>Infographic provided by <a href="">Staveley Head</a></p>

Top Ten Cheapest - World Petrol Prices

UK consistently ranks in the top three most expensive.

The Facts

Caracas, Venezuela

2p per litre (average) — Is Hugo Chavez proving a point to the Western world?

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

8p per litre (average) — 20% of the world's oil reserves: they'll remain one of the cheapest till the end

Tripoli, Libya

9p per litre — 41 billion barrels of oil per yer make Libya 9th in the oil-producing world league

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

12p per litre (average) — Car drivers are entitle to 120 litres free per month, so maybe the price isn't important

Manama, Bahrain

13p per litre (average) — 60% of the government's revenue comes from oil production

Kuwait City, Kuwait

14p per litre (average) — The government-subsidised petrol and public transport shows consideration for the community

Doha, Qatar

15p per litre (average) — Citizens have the 2nd highest incomes and the 7th lowest petrol in the world

Cairo, Egypt

19p per litre (average) — The future of their price per litre is uncertain in an unstable country

Muscat, Oman

20p per litre (average) — 600,000 barrels produced every day, so the government gives its citizens a break

Algiers, Algeria

20p per litre (average) — 60% of the country's income comes from their oil production

Oslo, Norway - Most expensive

£1.64 per litre (average) — Road use tax £1.64 per litre + CO2 tax £0.10 per litre

London, UK - 3rd most expensive

£1.35 per litre (average) — Duty ££0.59 per litre + VAT = 20%